Are you looking to buy an air conditioner? You may be wondering how to choose an installation professional. Here are 5 things you should know.

Choose an Air conditioning Supplier with a wide range of top brands
An air conditioner supplier with a wide range of top brands like Southside Airconditioning will be able to provide you with the best brands of air conditioners for your needs. Top brands include Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung and LG. These brands offer high-quality and trusted products that can be relied upon in any situation. Having a variety of choices means that you have options when it comes to finding the right unit for your workplace, home and your budget. Plus many of these brands come with extended warranties offering you peace of mind.

Choose an Air Conditioning Supplier with the experience to recommend the correct system for you
Choosing a Brisbane aircon installation professional is not as easy as most people think. Not all systems are created equal, and the best way to ensure that you get the right system for your needs is to work with a supplier who has experience with the products they supply and their installation. At Southside Air Conditioning, we also only use trained and experienced electricians during the installation process. This means that your air conditioner is installed to Australian by an expert making your warranty valid should anything go wrong.

The best way to find the right supplier is by asking around and speaking to other customers before you make your decision. Also, read their reviews on their Google My Business page and on their social media too. These strategies will help you determine who is credible and who isn’t.

Choose an Air Conditioning Supplier that will be there when you need them most
The best time to hire a Brisbane Air Con Installation Professional is when you need one. Now, that might sound obvious, but there are many people who wait until their air conditioner breaks down and then scramble to find someone who can repair it fast. If you’re one of these people, or if you’ve had an air conditioner in your home for a few years and want to upgrade or replace it with a newer model, then this article is for you.

There are several things that you should consider before making an appointment with any Brisbane Air Con Installation Professional in your area:

  • availability – how long will it take for them to respond?
  • expertise – do they have experience installing different types of systems?
  • cost vs value – what does the price include (i.e., labor costs, parts)?
  • service after-sale – how long is their warranty period on parts/labor? How quickly can they respond when something goes wrong after installation?

Don’t forget, in order to preserve the life of your air conditioning unit, we recommend regular servicing. That way…you won’t be caught short in summer with a unit that doesn’t work!

Choose an Air conditioning Supplier that can help save you money
Choosing the right Redlands air conditioning installer will help you save money too in a couple of ways. Firstly, they will be able to offer you great deals on the leading brands. Why pay more when you don’t have to right? Secondly, they may offer you a package that includes the unit of your choice and the installation too. Thirdly, by buying the latest air conditioning unit, you will find it offers better energy efficiency. This goes for split systems and ducted systems too. A unit that is more energy-efficient can potentially save you thousands of dollars each year which is why we recommend you look for something that is 4 stars and above to really save.

The right supplier will make sure your air conditioner lasts years and works optimally for your home and business
Choosing the right installation professional is just as important as choosing the correct air conditioner for your home or business. The right supplier will make sure your air conditioner lasts for years and works optimally for your home and business.

Your installer will also install it correctly so that it can work efficiently while reducing noise levels and preventing condensation problems that could damage other parts of the house. They’ll make sure they do this by:

  • Following Australian Standard AS/NZS 3836:2006 (ROOF INSTALLATIONS FOR ELECTRIC DOMESTIC AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT) when installing an evaporative cooling system;
  • Installing ducted systems according to AS/NZS 4787:2006 DUCTED ROOF INSPECTION AND REPAIR STANDARD;
  • Ensuring a high-quality connection between refrigerant lines at each unit during installation;
  • Using approved refrigerants specified by regulations (such as R32).

If you want to make sure your Brisbane air conditioner lasts years and works optimally for your home or business, then you need the right supplier. This means choosing a supplier that has the experience and knowledge to recommend a system appropriate for your needs, as well as being there when needed. If you’re looking for a local air conditioner supplier, then give the team at Brisbane Southside Airconditioning a call today. We’ll help you find the right unit and we’ll make sure it’s installed by our trained experts.