Split systems are one of the most-used heating and cooling systems today. Other than just providing temperature control for home and office spaces, they are cost-effective, easy to install and maintain, energy-efficient, and quiet.

But are split systems expensive to run during winter? Will they serve their purpose during winter, while also keeping your bills low?

Redlands Split Systems – Efficiency and Expenses
Split system air conditioning is a great way to cool and heat any smaller space, no matter if it’s an office or a home.

Gas has been considered one of the most cost-effective ways of indoor heating. But with the current, extreme rises in gas prices, this is no longer true.

The slip system of heating absorbs the heat from outside and uses that energy to heat indoor air. These reverse-cycle systems are efficient and energy-saving.

Redlands split systems can achieve anywhere from 300 to 600% efficiency. In mild weather, the percentage of efficiency can rise to even 1000%. In the long run, they can save up to 30% of heating costs compared to conventional heaters.

Another benefit is that they can be installed in any room–but their compressor and the fan operate outdoors, sparing you from any noises. With the help of a multi-head unit air conditioner, you could install only one condenser outside and connect multiple air conditioners throughout your living space. Each of the mini-split systems can be independently controlled, giving you the option to easily regulate the temperature in each room separately.

The last benefit of split systems is how they compare to traditional air conditioners: split systems are more compact, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Yes, ducted air conditioners are able to heat and maintain the temperature of multiple rooms, but they do require more energy. If your heating area is smaller, then split systems are the perfect option for you.

How to Keep Costs Low with Split Systems?
As electricity rates become unstable with recent inflations, keeping the expenses low has become a challenge for many. Here we will discuss how you can reduce your monthly bill with split systems.

Keep the filters clean
Clogged filters have negative multiple effects, the biggest one being releasing harmful particles in the air they blow. Aside from that, if the filters are not clean, the split system will naturally consume more energy to keep the filters working.

Use optimal heating temperature
For a split system unit, the optimal heating temperature is between 17° and 20°C. With every degree you go above, your split system will consume around 10% more energy. So, you can stick within the optimal range to cut down on expenses.

Gradually increase the temperature
Aside from just keeping your split system in its optimal temperature range, you can also gradually increase the temperature.

If the thermostat is set at a higher temperature when you turn on the split system, the system will consume more energy trying to achieve that temperature right away. If you gradually increase the temperature over a period of time, the heater will be able to adjust slowly, which doesn’t drain as much energy

Use the help of Redlands Electrical Services
With the help of Redlands heating experts, you can be sure that your split system is working optimally, saving you money while keeping you warm during the colder months.

Our Redlands heating technicians can inspect and fix any problems you might have with the filters, the fans or the coils, the outdoor condenser unit or the indoor unit, the compressor, or the exchanger.

Also, keep in mind that getting ready for winter at the beginning of the autumn will give our Redlands electrical service technicians enough time to fix any problems – without you getting at any point.

Even though gas was thought to be the cheapest way for household heating, split system air conditioners are now more cost-effective by consuming less energy. They can be installed in any room and independently controlled.

By implementing our tips, you could save money by lowering your energy bills. Regularly clean the filters, set optimal temperatures, gradually increase the temperature, and let Redlands Electrical Services fix any problem that might arise

That way, you can further improve the already existing efficiency of your split system!