Not all of us have the time or inclination to understand the differences between a multi-split and a ducted air conditioning system. If that’s you, we can help.

Considering installing a new air-con unit in your home? We’re going to talk you through the options, step by step, to help you make the right choice. Read on for the lowdown about the best air conditioning systems in Redlands.

Air Con Systems Explained
Although each type of system can have subtle nuances and variations, in the main, air conditioning categories are fairly easy to follow. Here they are:

Split and Multi-Split Systems
Split systems come in two parts: one indoor and one outdoor unit, connected by pipes containing refrigerant gas. Multi-split systems are similar but the same outdoor part can connect to 2 or more indoor units in different locations around the home that are fairly close to one another. These two systems are popular and likely to be the most effective, affordable and efficient solutions for the average home.

It matters where the indoor units get fitted in an individual room so that you get the best results. Always talk to us for our expert recommendations.

Ducted Systems
These will have a central unit, usually tucked away in your roof. There’ll be a network of air ducts connected to air outlets and sensors in each room. These are discreet but powerful systems.

Some would argue they’re the best airconditioners money can buy. They’ll be more pricey than their split system cousins, partly because the installation can be more complex. They work best in larger homes.

Wall or Window Units
These consist of a single box unit in a window or installed through an external wall. They’re affordable air conditioners for smaller rooms and open-plan areas up. Often, there’s no need for any special wiring. Not as efficient or effective as split systems, they can perform well and are a good option if budgets are tight.

Portable Units
These are single units that you can move around the home depending on where you need them most. Most have a flexible duct through which warm air gets extracted. You’ll need to feed these through a door or window.

They’re a good and affordable air conditioner when you’re renting an apartment or for homes where built-in options are not possible.

Their main weakness tends to lie at the point of extraction. That’s because you need an open space to feed the flexible duct through but at the same time, you don’t want to be letting warm air flow back inside through any gaps.

Reverse-Cycle vs Cooling Only
A reverse-cycle air conditioner is one that has the capability to heat as well as cool. It can be one of the most cost-effective ways to heat a home during the colder months. They tend to be at least equally as efficient as cooling-only models.

Size, Power and Energy Performance
There are huge variations in the size and power of air conditioning units. Much will depend on the dimensions of the room, the direction it faces, its insulation and what you tend to use it for. The energy star rating of a unit also needs thinking about.

There is a seemingly endless list of other options and considerations, including:

  • Wifi connection and remote functionality
  • Sensors and noise levels
  • Air purification functions and Economy modes

Expert Air Conditioning Installations in Redlands
Last but not least, you’re going to need someone who knows what they’re doing to install your new system. This is not a job that involves randomly attaching a few units to a wall or ceiling. It needs careful consideration and thinking through properly.

Talk to Southside Airconditioning & Electrical today. We’re experts who’ve been installing and servicing air conditioners in Brisbane and Redlands for over 15 years.