Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning and How it Works

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioner units have 2 major components, the indoor unit, which is generally located in the roof cavity or under the floor, and the outdoor condenser, which is installed externally.

The indoor unit is then connected to a network of ducts connecting to outlets in which the air flows through.

At Southside Air Conditioning Solutions we have a wide range of domestic ducted air conditioning systems at affordable prices for all homes.

The ducted heating and refrigerated cooling we supply and install meet strict environmental and safety standards and run on ozone safe, non -flammable, non-toxic and highly energy efficient refrigerants.

These air conditioning systems are gaining more popularity in Brisbane and are an ideal solution for our Queensland climate as the one unit can provide both ducted heating and ducted cooling.

Our fully trained consultants will be able to advise you on the best ducted air conditioning system for your home and your needs – and our qualified installers will ensure your ducted air conditioning installation meets all industry standards.

By having a ducted air conditioning system installed your home will be a comfortable temperature all year round, regardless of the external weather conditions. The heating is provided by reversing the operation of the ducted heating and cooling unit, so instead of expelling the hot air and circulating the refrigerated cold air it does the reverse, hence the term ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling.

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Need Air Conditioning In Your Home or Business CALL NOW