Here in Australia, air conditioning is a necessity. This is particularly true if you live in Queensland during the Summer months. Not only are our summers hot, but the high humidity makes it difficult to find relief from the heat. Therefore, many homeowners have made the switch to air conditioning as the temperatures continue to rise year after year. However, the common question remains- which air conditioning system is best for your home? Is ducted air conditioning best suited or is a split system sufficient?

Read on as we discuss the differences between ducted air conditioning and split system air conditioning and which one is best suited for your home.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is a large-scale air conditioning system that cools multiple rooms from one central point. This works by installing ducts throughout the roof or floor of your home and allowing the cooled air out through vents. The use of vents creates minimal impact on your living space.

Ducted air conditioning is convenient and cost-effective if you have a larger home that needs multiple rooms cooled at the same time. Additionally, to keep your costs down you can also use a zoning feature to cool certain rooms. This works to reduce your energy usage. This makes ducted air conditioning versatile for the whole family as well as for those working from home.

Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning uses two units to cool your home, the internal and external units. The external unit functions so that hot air can be drawn from outside, cooled down and released into the home through the internal unit. The internal unit is placed in a strategic position within the home so that it either cools down a certain room or living space.

Split system air conditioning is most commonly used in smaller homes or homes where only certain rooms need cooling. This is great for homeowners with smaller dwellings as they can save money on purchasing a smaller system that suits their needs.

Additionally, split system air conditioning comes in a variety of options making it a functional addition to any home. These options include bulkhead, ceiling cassette, console unit and multi-head systems. Each is designed to suit specific needs so that you receive the best result from your air conditioning.

The Best Fit For Your Home

If you are looking to purchase a new air conditioning system for your home, there is a lot to consider.

These considerations include:

  • How large your home is
  • Which rooms do you want to cool
  • Your budget allowance

Then we narrow it down to:

  • How large of a system you need for your desired outcome
  • The type of system that would suit you best

Ducted air conditioning will suit you best if you own a larger home and have a larger budget for your system. Ducted air conditioning is also hidden out of eyesight and is a quieter running system.

Split system air conditioning is perfect for those who own a smaller home and are not worried about the internal unit being mounted on their wall. They are a cheaper option than ducted air conditioning. They are ideal for those who are budget-conscious but are still powerful enough to cool your home efficiently.

Air Conditioning Installation

If you have purchased an air conditioning unit yourself then you will need a professional air conditioning installer to add your new system to your home. At Southside Air Conditioning and Electrical, we provide air conditioning systems and installation packages so you don’t have to source your unit elsewhere. We even design ducted air conditioning systems so you have the most efficient system for your home.

If you are looking to install a new air conditioning system with a professional air conditioning installer, contact us at Southside Air Conditioning and Electrical today.