Installing a Reverse Cycle Split System in an existing home

A reverse cycle split system is a unit that can both heat and cool, therefore great for Winter and Summer! When installing a reverse cycle split system in a home or office, our technicians first need to identify a few key factors.

First, we need to decide the location of the unit and outdoor unit, also taking into consideration that they aren’t in direct sunlight and that they have enough space around them to ensure they work to their best ability. They also need to identify a clear drain and pipe location. Our technicians are highly qualified and are happy to come out and assess the dwelling in which they will choose the best place for your Airconditioning unit.

The installation will either be what we call a ‘back to back’ or an ‘up and over’.

Back to back is when we can have the outdoor unit directly behind the wall that the indoor unit is mounted on.

Up and Over is when we are unable to have the outdoor unit placed directly behind the indoor unit. Whether it be that the indoor unit is on an internal wall or the external wall could be inaccessible. This means the piping must be brought up and through the roof down to a wall that has a sufficient amount of space for the outdoor unit to be placed.

Once the locations have been decided we will mount the split system unit inside, then complete the pipework accordingly to reach the outdoor unit. To finish – our Electrician will then wire up the unit and the installation will be complete.

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