Installing ducted air conditioning into your home has many benefits

It can lower your electricity bill by individually controlling the rooms you use One system to cool/heat your entire house instead of multiple systems
Take back your wall space and outdoor space!
One unit to have serviced instead of multiple
Control your air conditioning with your smart device! (options available)
Add value to your property
We like to begin with a detailed inspection of your roof cavity. This allows us to plan the best location of the indoor unit, the layout of the ducts, the return air grill location and the best place for the outdoor unit. These plans are done in consultation with the owner to ensure the finished job is perfect.

Once we have the go-ahead, we send our technicians in to carry out the technical task of installing all the components. By the end of the day, you have your brand-new ducted air conditioning system installed! Our technicians will run you through how to use your system. Depending on what you have chosen to be installed you may be able to cool or warm different sections of the dwelling as desired.

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