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What if we said there was a way to adapt your home to your ideal comfort from anywhere within or without the house, fusing comfort with energy efficiency to provide an air conditioning unit that is lightyears ahead of its time?

The AirTouch 4 is that smart air conditioning that can do it all. And it’s time you had a look at what you’re missing.

AirTouch is more than just a cooling and heating system. It comes with an HD touch screen that displays brighter, bolder colours so you can easily adjust the set point temperature of your home and regulate it according to the weather outside.

This revolutionary new system is smart. Allowing you the easy option of controlling airflow in 5% increments across 16 zones from 1, 2, 3, or 4 different ducted air conditioning units, everyone at home can rest comfortably at their desired temperature. Adapt your home to your idea of comfort with a system that is both intelligent and energy efficient. Add value to your home and enjoy the latest technology that equips you with everything you need and more.

Improve the way your house runs with a system that does it all for you. With numerous benefits attached to the long list of additional features and abilities, this is one home system that helps you save money on your power bill without compromising on comfort.

Connect to Your Smart Home:

Just say the word and your AirTouch 4 will listen. Working with popular voice activated smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, AirTouch 4 delivers on speed and precision when you voice how you want your air conditioner to work. Whatever the temperature, however you want the air to flow, AirTouch 4 will respond accordingly, making your life easier and allowing you greater efficiency.

Download the App:

Cool the house down before you get home in the summer, or warm it up before you get out of bed in winter. Using the new AirTouch 4 app, you can control every aspect of your air conditioning unit from adjusting the temperature and mode to controlling flow towards individual time zones at specific times. Turn your system on and off remotely and rest easy with an automated feature that sends you temperature alerts so that your home is at the exact right temperature the moment you get home.

Enjoy Temperature Control:

Everyone likes their room a little more cool or toasty than another. With AirTouch 4’s optional Individual Temperature Control (ITC) upgrade, you can have a different set temperature in each room. Equipped with Geofencing capacities and temperature monitoring, your AirTouch 4 wirelessly senses the climate of the home and adjusts airflow to maintain temperature, without wasting any air or energy on already comfortable rooms.

The AirTouch 4 was designed to be a problem solver for the modern household. Anyone with a smart device can control and adjust the temperature and settings accordingly, making it easier to set and forget your system when all you want to do is relax in perfect temperature-controlled comfort.

Reduce the Electricity Cost of Running Air Conditioning Systems

A lot of people are concerned with the electricity cost of air conditioning systems. The wise choice to alleviate that cost is to consider installing a roof solar panel systems to generate electricity without any cost. Solar systems reduce the cost of all household electrical appliances such as kitchen ovens and hot water heaters.

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