Low Cost Modifications To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchen Upgrades and Renovations

Are you looking to install a new oven, cooktop or range hood? Are you renovating your existing kitchen, adding extra lighting or power outlets? Maybe you are building and designing a new kitchen?

Whatever your needs our Electricians are licensed knowledgeable and reliable.

  • Oven Installation

  • Cooktop Installation

  • Range hood Installation

  • Running wire for new power outlets and LED downlights

Give Your Kitchen New Life with a New Cooktop

The Pro’s and Con’s Between Electric, Gas and Induction  Cooktops

Electric Cook top
Electric Cooktop Pro’s
  • Most popular due to being most affordable
  • Flush surface making it easy to clean and look seamless
  • Great for cooking foods that need consistent low temperature
Electric Cook Top Con’s
  • Holds heat after being turned off, therefore can be dangerous.  Most brands will have a red signal to make you aware it is still hot.

  • Temperature change does not happen instantly

  • Heat is not as controlled as gas or induction cook tops

Gas Cooktop Pro’s
  • Achieve’s high heat quickly, turns off and starts to cool down straight away

  • On new gas cook tops, If the flame goes out for any reason the gas will immediately turn off

  • If you happen to lose power, you can still cook on your gas cook top

Gas Cook Top Con’s
  • Bulkier design and can be more difficult to clean around the rivets
  • Must check gas levels consistantly to prevent running out
  • More of a fire hazzard out of the 3 due to the open flame
nduction cook top kitchen upgrade
Induction Cooktop Pro’s
  • Fastest cooking method and responds instantly to temperature change
  • Flush surface makes it very easy to clean and looks modern and stylish
  • Safest option due to the technology heating the cook ware itself leaving the cook top to cool drastically once turned off
Induction Cook Top Con’s 
  • Most expensive due to new age technology
  • Must use induction cook ware or your food wont cook!  These can be expensive but worth investing in

Oven and Range Hood Installations

Revamping your kitchen can be as easy as upgrading your oven and range hood.  There are many types of styles to choose from.  Most older ovens and range hoods tend to be white, becoming discoloured over the years.  The popular choice these days is stainless steel. The benefits of choosing stainless steel are:

  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting
  • Germ resistant
  • Matches any decor

Not only will a new oven and range hood modify your kitchen, it will also work more efficiently for you and will more than likely have a higher energy rating than your old one!  Contact us if you would like to talk about upgrading your kitchen.

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