You may understand what electricians do, but how well do you understand the electrical services that they provide? Many homeowners and property owners don’t realise that they can call on a local electrician for a wide variety of services, including many of those complicated smart home upgrades that often take hours if not days to figure out on your own.

We want to make sure all of our Southside Brisbane area neighbours understand what we have to offer, so we put together a list of professional electrical services Redlands customers can schedule today. Keep these electrical home services in mind, and let your friends know that we offer fast, friendly, and affordable solutions for all electrical projects.

Smoke Alarm Installation
It seems so simple to purchase a smoke alarm and put it up in your home, right? Not so fast. This is one of those electrical services that are often misunderstood, and the cost of that misunderstanding is potentially your life or that of someone you love.

The following factors are important when determining how many smoke alarms you need and where you should place them:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of levels in the home
  • Location of garage
  • Hallway design

The legislation also requires you to connect your smoke alarms together, allowing them to activate simultaneously. Battery power is convenient, but that’s just the backup power. You still need to hardwire each smoke alarm to ensure compliance.

If you find these rules confusing, you can contact the professionals at Southside Airconditioning and Electrical to schedule a professional installation. We ensure your property will comply with all laws and that your alarms will operate safely and effectively.

We can also check your smoke alarms to make sure they’re operating properly and positioned appropriately. If you’re buying a home that already has smoke alarms, it’s worth the modest investment to have our experts look at the alarms to ensure they’re up to code.

LED Lighting
LED lights are more energy-efficient and allow you to control your lighting while away from home. Our professionals can help you install a wide variety of LED lights, including pendant lights, strip lights, downlights, and outdoor sensor lights. Our experienced electricians can help you transform any room of your home with advanced lighting that keeps your electric bill in check.

We also highly recommend outdoor lights for security purposes and enhanced curb appeal. You can create a functional outdoor living space to enjoy at all hours of the day and night when you install the right lights in the right place on your property.

Kitchen Installations
Our licensed and highly trained Brisbane electricians can help with all types of electrical projects that take place in your kitchen. There are two primary reasons you might contact us for kitchen electrical services:

  • You want to install a new oven, cooktop, range hood, or other electrical appliance.
  • You’re completing a kitchen renovation and need to wire new power outlets or install new appliances.
  • You want to upgrade your kitchen lighting to LED downlights or other more complicated lights.
  • Your electrical outlets no longer meet your needs, and you want to move them or add a couple in new areas of the kitchen.

Ceiling Fans & Lighting
Are you ready to transform the room of your home with feature lights or a dramatic ceiling fan? Our experts can help you select the best lights and fans for your home, and we’ll make sure everything is installed promptly and safely at a time that is convenient for your schedule.

We can also add lighting around your pool or accent your best landscaping features. Whether you’re concerned for the safety or just aesthetics, you can transform your exterior property with the right light installation.

The Electrical Services Redlands Customers Trust
Do you need electrical home services in the Southside Brisbane area? Whether you’re struggling to get your new LED lights installed properly or have a ceiling fan that doesn’t work properly, our team of licensed and highly trained electricians are one call away. Contact us today to discuss your current needs with a knowledgeable member of our team.