Benefits Of Solar for Your
Home or Workplace

What is Solar Power?

Energy created by heat and light from the sun is called solar energy.  When the energy is turned into electricity, this is then called Solar power.  You can use this Solar power to generate electricity to your home, saving you money on electricity bills.

Installing Solar panels on your home helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and lessens the dependence we have on foreign fossil fuels such as oil and coal.  Contact us to start saving the world today.

What is the Process to Install Solar Panels?

Are you interested in having Solar panels installed into your home? If so, one of our qualified technicians will come out and assess your property. Here are some of the questions our trained technician will go through to asses your home’s solar installation…

  • How will the structure be attached firmly?
  • Is there a large amount of shade on the roof?
  • Where will the solar panels be placed?
  • What is the ideal orientation and inclination?

These are all factors that come into Solar performance. Our technicians are passionate about doing the best job for you to save you the most on electricity for years to come. What type and size roof you have will determine what is the best option for your solar solution. Once the size of the full solar system and the number of panels have been determined, then with your approval of the detailed quotation the installation process will take place. Everything to understand about the output of your solar panels will be explained at the end of the job.

Benefits of Solar Power in your Home

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Greatly reduces the cost of your Electricity bill

  • Helps fight climate change

  • Improve the value of your home

How Solar Power will Save you Money

When solar panels produce energy and it isn’t used, it is transferred to the shared energy grid.

From every KW/h (kilowatt/hour) of electricity that your solar panels export, your Electricity provider may rebate you a certain amount of money off your electricity bills.

To benefit the most from your solar panels it’s about thinking ahead of time, and using electricity during the day as much as possible to make use of your own solar energy.

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