If there’s one thing most of Australia has in spades, it’s sunshine. With soaring energy prices, tapping into this natural resource for heat and power is a no-brainer.

Here’s a sobering thought: the energy that the sun provides the earth for one hour could meet its global energy needs for a year.

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Why Solar Makes Sense
Rising inflation, ever-increasing energy costs, and wage stagnation call for multi-faceted solutions.

A solar energy system will let you take back control of your home’s energy costs. Install the right-sized panels in the correct location and you’ll be more independent from the grid.

And, if you make too much electricity you may even be able to sell the excess back to an energy provider.

How much you save will depend on the size of your solar power system and your electricity consumption, especially the extent to which you choose to heat and cool your home. Talk to us about storing energy in a solar battery.

Powering Cars and Satellites
Investing in an electric vehicle will also mean you can beat the rising cost of a tank of fuel by using your solar system by charging your car as well.

The production of solar energy can come into its own in places that have no connection to the energy grid. It can help to purify water in areas with limited clean water supplies and it can even power satellites in space. Solar creates power at its cleanest.

They Say the Best Things Come in Threes
So, here are the 3 key benefits of installing a solar energy system at home:

  • It makes massive savings in the cost of energy for one initial investment
  • Lowers your carbon footprint through clean energy to help combat climate change
  • Increases the value of your home

Installing solar panels will help lower the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our dependence on foreign fossil fuels such as coal and gas.

Fossil fuel production needs significant water resources and can also result in water pollution. The harnessing of solar energy does not require water. Solar power not only cuts out the pollution of water resources, but it also prevents adding strain on our precious water supplies.

Improved technology is making the solar option ever more affordable and so the prospect of going solar is more attractive than it’s ever been.

Low Maintenance and Long Warranties
And, there’s more. Solar energy systems typically don’t need a great deal of maintenance. Given that there are no moving parts, there is very little wear and tear so not a lot can go wrong. That all helps to minimise future expenditure on servicing and repairs.

The general advice is to keep solar panels relatively clean and specialist cleaning companies can do the job for you, usually at very reasonable rates.

The trusted and reliable solar panel manufacturers we deal with also offer long and extended warranties for extra peace of mind.

Start Making Solar Savings Now!
The reserves of energy from the sun are staggering. Scientists reckon we will have a limitless and steady supply of sunlight for a further 5 billion years!

Back down to earth and here at Southside Air Conditioning & Electrical, our solar power installers are passionate about what they do. They’ll get an amazing job done every time and save you more of your hard-earned cash for many years to come.

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