Introducing Steril-Aire the Ultimate Clean Air Add-on to Your Air Conditioner System

What is Steril-Aire Technology?

Sterile-Aire is an air conditioner enhancement method that cleans the air, prevents mould and contributes to a better breathing environment.

It is the ideal solution for homeowners who suffer from asthma or other air-borne health issues.

How it works is by scientifically proven UVC Emitters use the proven power of germicidal ultraviolet-C (UVC) energy to clean the coils, drain pan and ductwork. This also benefits your air conditioning systems by extending their life, while providing cleaner air to breathe and a healthier environment in which to live.

What the research proved is that mould and all bacterial molecules (Bio Film) do not survive when surrounded by UVC light.  Therefore, adding the UVC technology into your home, business or commercial airconditioning system is going to stop the growth of these harmful infectious droplets that travel through the system and become airborne for you to breathe in.

UVC Light Sterilization Eliminates The Following:

  • Mould

  • Mildew

  • Bacteria

  • Viruses

  • Allergens

UVC Technology is Compatible with your

Condensation = Airbourne Pollutants = Mould

Mould, or bio-film makes air conditioning systems work harder.  Which means less efficiency and more costly in electricity to run.

Mould build-up is common as this photo shows. It also;

  • Impedes air flow
  • Reduces heat exchange efficiency
  • Reduces the cooling capacity

Harmful organisms in the mould detach and enter the air stream.  We then breathe in these harmful particles which can have dire health effects.

Over the years, many studies have linked Asthma, allergies and other hospital related diseases to micro organisms present in mould.

If you want to feel and be healthier in your own home or workplace, Sterile-Air is a great addition to each of your air conditioner systems.

The Science Behind Steril-Aire Technology

Where there’s moisture there can be mould. As your air conditioner cools the air, it creates a damp and sometimes humid environment – that’s where mould can be created.

Condensation forms because of differences between air temperature and surface temperatures in a space.

This can become a problem when condensation forms regularly on materials that can absorb the moisture and create an ideal environment for mould growth

It has been proven that UVC light breaks down the molecules which make up mould or “Bio Film” inside your air conditioning system.

Research shows that installing this UVC technology into your system will dramatically improve your indoor air quality.

Before and After Results

The image to the right shows the scientific studies of the effects and results using UVC technology.  It can be quite confronting to see the bio film in the petri dish, which is what is seen in most Airconditioning systems at some point in time.

This is what is travelling through the system and out into the open air you breathe.
It is clearly visible the difference after using the UVC technology.

Whether you have a split system, ducted system, cassette or commercial airconditioning UVC technology can be the solution for you.

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