Make sure your air conditioning unit isn’t costing you more than it should be!

As Winter approaches and the cold air from outside replaces the air conditioner inside, it’s a good idea to check that your air conditioning unit is fully serviced and ready for the upcoming cold months.

Getting your unit serviced in time for winter will save you more than just a chilly night under the covers if your heating system isn’t warming you up. Making sure your unit gets a check-up before winter can save you more money, time and energy over the colder months.

As we all know in Brisbane, the difference between summer and winter can be night and day in terms of temperature. After months of sweating and sizzling in the sun, we forget just how cold winter can get, and how much of a pain it is to try to organise the installation or servicing of a reverse cycle unit when you’re just too cold to get out of bed. The benefits of upkeeping your air conditioning unit–whether it be ducted or split system–are tremendous. Maintenance is better than fixing it!

Investing in a professional service ensures better air quality with new and clean filters which allow the unit to run more efficiently (money-wise too). It also ensures less risk of a fire hazard; quicker heating and cooling throughout the entire home; as well as less noise. When one of our trustworthy and experienced technicians services your system, they make sure that everything is working as it should be and that your system is still providing the most energy-efficient service that it can to suit your needs.

If you don’t have heating in your home and dread the bitter cold that still seems to seep in, (even with a space heater on high and fuzzy clothes heaped on), investing in a quality unit makes sure you keep the chill at bay. And bonus! In summer, you can sit on your leather couch without sweating, using the same unit to cool you down.

We offer two air conditioning unit systems to cover a wide range of our customers’ needs and wants.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning works primarily through a series of ducts installed in the roof space of your home to keep you at your preferred temperature. These ducts can filter clean and cool air to any room of the house, easily. You can also heat or cool each room individually using a zoning feature which cordons off parts of the house into zones you can individually control. With an easy-to-use thermostat on the wall that connects to the entire home, you can select the temperature, zones and other settings with one point of contact.

Unless you’re serious about keeping cool and cosy in a large home, ducting can be a more costly and significant project. However, as the most permanent solution, it pays off in the long run, especially with professional services scheduled regularly.

Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning units are more suitable for small homes or rental properties. These conditioners are split into two main parts that condense and evaporate heat within the same unit system.

These units are popular for their relatively low initial purchase price and quick installation. They are best suited to cooling or warming one room, however, not a large space. Rarely can they heat or cool a whole house, but at least the rooms outfitted will be chill or toasty depending on how you want to feel, quickly and efficiently.

Contact us at Southside Air Conditioning & Electrical for a consultation and quote on which air conditioning system is right for you. Or call us to schedule a reliable and professional servicing of your current units to maintain their peak performance!