The Australian heat is legendary, particularly in the north. With temperatures climbing, it’s imperative that you install air conditioning to ensure your indoor areas stay cool and comfortable. But when should you look at buying an air conditioner?

It can be all too easy to leave air conditioner shopping for summer. After all, that’s often when you need it the most. But there’s actually a pretty strong case to be made for buying your air conditioner in the winter.

Today we’re going to take a look at why shopping for an air conditioner in the winter months is the smart plan.

You can shop around
When shopping for an air conditioner in summer, you’re often driven by urgency. After all, each day you spend weighing your choices is another day suffering in the summer heat. By buying in winter, you’ll ensure you have enough time and space to properly research your prospective purchases.

Buying an air conditioner in winter allows you to compare both features and the pricing of the machines you’ve shortlisted. It also gives you time to hear back from local suppliers and receive quotes. By taking the urgency out of your decision you’ll ensure you’re getting the best possible deal – you’ll be thinking with your head, not with your sweat!

You can avoid the summer crowds
Summer in Australia prompts massive demand for air conditioners. Air conditioner technicians are often overloaded with installation requests which can lead to longer wait times and, thus, longer spent suffering the summer heat.

By buying your air conditioner in winter, you’ll ensure you’re approaching industry professionals when they have more availability in their schedules. You’ll be able to place your order and have your air conditioner installed far quicker than during the busy summer months. This is a win/win for everyone.

Air Conditioners are cheaper in winter
The demand for air conditioners tends to slow in the cooler months. As with most industries, as the demand lowers, so too do the prices.

Buying an air conditioner in winter can be a boon for your wallet. A lot of air conditioner sales take place in the cooler months as manufacturers try to maintain regular turnover and clear out old stock. One of the best things you can do to save money is to buy your air conditioner in winter.

Reverse cycle air conditioners can help heat your home
Air conditioners don’t just help make Australian summers more manageable – if you invest in a reverse cycle air conditioner they can also help keep your home cozy in the winter months too.

A reverse cycle air conditioner is able to absorb the air from outside and warm it up using refrigerant gas. This warm air is then circulated through the system to heat your space. Reverse cycle systems are often quicker and cheaper than portable heaters, making them the ideal tool to help keep your indoor space warm in the winter.

Buy your air conditioner in the winter
The Australian summer can be taxing. With temperatures rising across the board, it’s getting more and more essential that you install an air conditioner to keep your space comfortable.

Buying an air conditioner in summer might seem like the best option but the truth is that winter is your best bet. Buying in winter allows you to shop around, avoid the summer crowds, nab a bargain, and get the best of both worlds with a reverse cycle system.

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