Australians are increasingly turning to solar power as a way to provide the electricity they need. And this for good reason. With energy prices rising and sunshine in full supply, solar can be an ideal solution.

Statistics show that almost 10% of all electricity in Australia is now produced by solar panels and that over 30% of homes in the country now have rooftop solar PV. All of this is making Australia a leading country worldwide when it comes to solar power usage, with the highest global uptake.

What advantages and benefits come with solar power and why do we think you should jump on board? Here’s a look at our top five benefits of solar power.

Solar power reduces your electrical bill
One of the biggest benefits of using solar power to provide electricity to your business or home is that it can save you considerable money on your electrical bill. Sure, you do need to pay for your solar panels at the outset and so the energy isn’t entirely free, but your panels do pay you back rather soon.

Depending on your usage, the average estimated payback time for solar panel installation in Australia is about four to five years. Some people find they even generate more solar energy than they use. This allows them to feed this extra energy back into their local electrical grid for a payout.

It can increase your property value
With all the sun in Australia, solar is a natural choice. Because a solar system can be so useful, homes and businesses with solar installed are now more attractive to potential buyers. This means when you install solar, you immediately increase the value of your property.

Solar allows you to avoid rising energy costs
Oil prices are always rising around the globe. With the pandemic and recent global conflicts, it’s difficult to say if and when these prices will ever come back down. With a solar-powered home, you can avoid these fluctuations in energy costs that can otherwise leave you scrambling to turn down the air conditioner or pack on additional layers of clothing.

(In addition, if you add in an electric car that’s powered by your home, you can even skip out on gas!)

Using energy from the sun helps the planet
It might sound too rosy and fuzzy but it’s true: installing solar panels does help the planet. Aussies know best that climate change is no joke. According to the UN Environmental Program, an increase of just 2 degrees celsius on Earth will cause even more intense droughts, floods, and wildfires in the years to come. By installing solar panels and generating power from the sun, you help the planet move away from using nonrenewable energy sources like fossil fuels, which are known to cause pollution. You help reduce the effects of global warming.

Solar offers you a solid return on your investment
Finally, it’s a fact that most solar systems continue working for up to twenty years after they’ve been paid off. This typically amounts to a 20% return on your initial investment. Not bad for some gear installed on your roof!

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