When you think of winter, air conditioning doesn’t come to mind but there are types of air conditioners that are perfect in winter including a reverse cycle air conditioner. These cool and heat the home so you and your family can live with an optimum temperature year-round.

More powerful and efficient

Reverse-cycle air conditioners are better at heating the home as they are more powerful and efficient than stand-alone heaters. This allows you to heat multiple rooms at once while you might have to buy multiple space heaters to do the equivalent.

This gives reverse cycle air conditioning a huge advantage in heating the home as you can keep the whole family comfortable and you don’t have to walk away from the warmth into another freezing room. It keeps everything toasty for you so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable while indoors.

Less of a fire hazard

Another benefit to reverse-cycle air conditioning is that it is less of a fire hazard. Space heaters on the other hand use heated globes and other parts to provide your home with warmth. If left unattended this can lead to a fire in your home, which can cost you a fortune.

Reverse cycle air conditioning on the other hand takes air from outside the home and warms it using refrigerant. The air then flows into the home at the set temperature to keep your family warm.

Optimum temperature

The great thing about reverse cycle air conditioning is you can set the perfect temperature. You don’t have to have it too hot, making your home feel stuffy, or too cold, causing everyone to freeze. This means you and your family can live in comfort and continue your day as normal.

Space heaters usually only have 1 to 3 settings for temperature, which can leave your room not feeling that warm, or overbearingly hot. This is not the most comfortable or efficient solution to your home’s heating and the space heater can struggle if it is placed in a large room.

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