As the scorching heat of another Brisbane summer fast approaches, we’re all looking for the most energy-efficient cooling methods to keep our homes comfortable. The debate between fans and air conditioning has been ongoing for many years. While both methods of cooling your home are effective, using them together and best understanding when to use fans and when to use the AC can make a significant difference in your comfort and your energy bills.

Read on as we guide you through our top tips on staying cool this summer while keeping your bills down.

The Dynamic Duo: AC and Fans

Beating the heat during our hot Brisbane summers can be a challenge when looking to keep your bills down. With the increase in energy costs, energy-efficient cooling methods have never been more important. Combining the strengths of air conditioning and fans can create a winning formula for optimal cooling. Here is how to best use them together:

  1. Strategic Fan Placement:
    • Fans are fantastic energy-efficient cooling tools for improving air circulation. If you can do so, installing fans near your air conditioning unit or vents can help circulate the cool air more efficiently.
  2. Supplemental Cooling:
    • When we are experiencing our famous heat waves, running fans with your air conditioning provides an extra boost of cooling. This method allows you to cool the temperature quicker which enables you to turn off the AC sooner.
  3. Zone Cooling:
    • Utilize your fans in specific areas to create zones of comfort. This approach allows you to cool only the spaces you’re using which helps you to avoid unnecessary energy costs. We at Southside Air Conditioning and Electrical can help you optimize your AC unit and fan placement for the most effective zone cooling strategy.

When to Use Fans Alone

As fans are energy-efficient, we recommend using fans as a solo cooling method as often as you can. Here are the times we see fit for fans to act on their own:

  1. Milder Temperatures:
    • During the early mornings or late evenings when temperatures are more moderate, using fans alone can often be enough. Using your fans at cooler times of the day is a cost-effective way to enjoy a gentle breeze without the need for the full power of your air conditioner.
  2. Natural Ventilation:
    • On cooler days, utilize a natural breeze by opening windows and using fans to circulate that lovely fresh air. This eco-friendly approach enhances the cooling effect of fans and reduces reliance on your split system air conditioning or ducted air conditioning.
  3. Personal Cooling:
    • Fans are excellent for personal comfort. If you’re working at your desk or relaxing in a specific area, a well-placed fan can create a cool temperature without the need to cool the entire space. This is particularly helpful for those of us who work from home and don’t want to cool the entire home during the day when you’re only using one or two rooms.

When to Crank Up the Air Conditioning

As we know, there are plenty of times when the heat is relentless, and fans alone just don’t cut the crust. Here is when it’s best to let your air conditioning take the lead:

  1. Extreme Temperatures:
    • During heat waves, air conditioning is a necessity for maintaining a cool temperature. Setting your air conditioning unit to a reasonable temperature ensures you can escape the outdoor heat without overworking the system. We recommend keeping your temperature at 23 degrees for energy-efficient cooling.
  2. Humidity Control:
    • Air conditioning is not only great for cooling the air but also for regulating the humidity levels. High humidity can make the air feel warmer, so turning on the air conditioning is crucial for achieving a truly refreshing temperature indoors. It also helps to reduce mould in your home by removing moisture from the air.
  3. Quick Cooling Needs:
    • When you return home after a long day at work, air conditioning is a quick way to cool your home. If you have ducted air conditioning, contact your local air conditioning experts to discuss a smart system that allows you to turn on the air conditioning on your way home. This allows you to walk into a cool home for instant relief.

Energy-Efficient Cooling With Southside Air Conditioning & Electrical

Mastering energy-efficient cooling in Brisbane’s hot summers can be achieved with a blend of air conditioning and fans.¬†For additional advice or to install a new air conditioner, contact the team at Southside Air Conditioning & Electrical today.